Pleasant Hills Borough
410 E. Bruceton Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Borough Offices: 412.655.3300

Borough Fax: 412.655.5048

Police, Ambulance, or Fire Emergency: 911
Police Non-Emergency: 412.655.5045

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If your business sells any type of product, call the Borough’s mercantile tax collector, Linda
Fancsali, at 412-653-6321, to report this. Pleasant Hills Borough has a mercantile tax for
businesses that sell a product. The tax is due each year along with a $30 license fee. It is a tax
for the current year, so you will be estimating what your business will make this year in gross
receipts and will pay the tax on that amount. Calculate the tax on gross receipts for any products that are
sold. Do not use receipts for services rendered. Restaurants and bars would use total gross
receipts, minus the sale of alcohol, which is exempt. If your business sells products and also
provides a service, you must segregate the receipts so that you can pay the mercantile tax on
products sold. Please see the back of the tax form for further information on what type of
businesses are required to pay this tax. Non-profit organizations and businesses that manufacture
all of their products are exempt.

Tax forms are mailed out each year at the end of January and are due by April 15th . New
businesses must file the return within 40 days of commencement of business. Once you have
paid your license fee and tax, you will be mailed a license which must be posted at your

West Jefferson Hills School District also has a mercantile tax. In addition, they have a business
privilege tax for businesses that provide a service. The school district tax is collected by Jordan
Tax Service who can be reached at 724-731-2300. Please note that if your business is in the
Curry Hollow Shopping Center, you must pay the borough’s mercantile tax, but you are not in
West Jefferson Hills School District. You are in Baldwin-Whitehall School District, which does
not have a mercantile or business privilege tax. You are required to pay only the Borough’s
mercantile tax to Linda Fancsali.
Forms are available to download below.