Pleasant Hills Borough
410 E. Bruceton Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Borough Offices: 412.655.3300

Borough Fax: 412.655.5048

Police, Ambulance, or Fire Emergency: 911
Police Non-Emergency: 412.655.5045

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This is a full-time position reporting to the Borough Manager



  1. PA Labor & Industries Certified “Building Code Official (Certification Category No. 29)

    Building Code Official – A construction code official, or the building code official’s designee, who manages, supervises and administers building code enforcement activities under the PA Uniform Construction Code (U.C.C.) including, but are not limited to: management of building code enforcement activities; supervision of building inspectors or plan examiners, third party agencies, authorizing issuance of certificates of occupancy; issuance of building permits, violation notices and orders to vacate; and the initiation of prosecutions.

  2. Zoning Officer (non-certified): Review all property related proposals for compliance with Borough zoning regulations.

  3. Examples of ordinances enforced are grass length, obstructive shrubbery near roadways, sign posting, vermin infestation vehicle parking regulations, garbage regulations, time of day that construction work can take place, garbage regulations, vehicle storage and the clearing of snow and ice during winter months. Investigates violations either from personal inspections or tips from residents. Resolves by phone call, letters or visits to violator informing them of the ordinance and the need for them to comply to avoid penalty.



  1. Administers and enforces all planning, zoning building regulations and ordinances. (Chapter 374 of Borough Code)

  2. Approves issuance of building and land-use permits.

  3. Coordinates building administration efforts with other borough departments and third party agencies.

  4. Performs inspections related to enforcement of non-building regulations as requested.

  5. Carries out periodic studies and special assignments related to building and zoning matters.

  6. Explains codes and ordinances to residents and related parties.

  7. Approves occupancy certificates and zoning permits.

  8. Collects permit fees.

  9. Issues sewer tap permits.

  10. Institutes legal proceedings in court of proper jurisdiction when complaints cannot be voluntarily resolved.

  11. Make monthly reports to Mayor and Members Council pertaining to the activities of office.

  12. Prepares departmental budget.

  13. Serves as liaison to Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Board and Police Department.

  14. Revise forms and permit applications.

  15. Assists Borough Manager and other staff with any building and zoning matters.

  16. Makes recommendations for new and amendments to, ordinances and permit fees.

  17. Make regular Borough tour inspections looking for any code violations.

  18. Maintains documentation of violations and action taken.

  19. Keeps log book of violations and actions taken.

  20. Issues mechanical devise permits.

  21. Deals with realtors and contractors in area pertaining to borough ordinances and zoning code.



  1. PA Department of Labor & Industry certification as a “Building Code Official.”

  2. Through understanding of zoning laws, building codes and Borough Ordinances.

  3. Strong analytical and independent thinking skills.

  4. Strong interpersonal communication skills.

  5. Associates or bachelor’s degree preferred.

  6. Prior background in performing inspections helpful.

  7. Ability to express ideas clearly in both written and oral communication.