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Police, Ambulance, or Fire Emergency: 911
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To be a good recycler, please begin making these recycling changes immediately:  Beginning in January 2019, Waste Management will NO longer accept recyclables at the curb containing heavy contamination.

Recycle only #1PET or #2HDPE empty plastic bottles, cans, paper and cardboard (no pizza boxes).  Keep foods, liquids and plastic bags out of recycling.  Your recyclables should be emptied directly into your recycling bin.  

DO NOT BAG YOUR RECYCLABLES. Waste Management will NO longer accept recyclables in any type of plastic bags.  Materials MUST be placed loose in your recycling bin. Plastic retail bags should be taken to your local retailer to recycle.  ONLY recycle plastic bottles, jars and jugs labeled as #1PET or #2HDPE plastic in your curbside recycling bin.  If it is not a plastic bottle, jar, jug, can, paper or cardboard, it must go in the trash.