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Synopsis of Community Meeting
May 12, 2018

In Attendance:

Bill Trimbath, Chief Finnerty, Deputy Chief Greene, Jamie Smith, Rege Brown, Dan Soltesz, Cheryl Freedman, Bob Karcher, Greg Smith, Fred Jug, Mimi Haley

Sheet for Residents

The Borough Building is a community landmark
nadequate space based on Feasibility Study

1. Renovate the current building
2. Build a new building on different site
3. Build a new building on current site

Estimated Cost
Renovations 6-7 million
New Building 9 million
Parking is a challenge
Very early planning stages

Residents Questions, Answers, Comments:
Occupants requirements of departments
Building houses Police Department, Public Works, and Administration
Keep Police and Public Works on current site new site for Administration
Operating costs would be determent as well as all departments under Borough Manager
Public Works site- garages may stay and be covered with prefab covering
Regarding Operations, suggested sharing office spaces and when possible, have employees work from home
The Police Department would like additional room to host Training Seminars for Law Enforcement if hosting, Officers can attend free or at a reduced rate
New space could offer flexible space
Parking could be added above the Public Works garage
Design of new Building would be developed in triangular shapes to fit on the current site
Requesting Green Building LEED Certified
Long- term efficiency
Building Codes necessary to meet LEED Certified
Asbestos abatement costs estimated at six figures
If build on site, Geo Tech Study
Time Line one year for planning, one year for site work, two years to build
Discussion on Library being included in new building
Members of Library Board in attendance
Discussion of current Library site and moving to new building
They receive RAD money for current site this would be eliminated if they move
They hold numerous community events when the Borough Building is closed, including the weekends
Many residents walk to the current Library site
Sharon Julian-Milas, Library Director, is contacting local Libraries for feedback regarding their being located in Municipal Buildings
Community Room larger with an updated kitchen
Suggested additional small spaces for Community’s use, such as meetings Community Room too large
Residents may object to demolishing our current building
The Borough Building is located in a beautiful setting
May have two Community Rooms for rentals or a fee
Residents moved here because of Community amenities
Referenced Bethel Park Community Center
Would not approve of alcohol being served by those renting the Community Rooms
Discussion of Pleasant Hills being the smallest Borough in Allegheny County, this comment rectified by naming smaller Boroughs
Do not want the new Building to be cut into the property above the park
Do not want the Community Rooms to function as a Banquet Facility
Requested a Walking Trail; the area around the building would not accommodate that
That would be a consideration for a Rec Center
Request to keep the public updated, hold additional public meetings, Soccer Field was a surprise
Recruit Community Volunteers to spread the word regarding the Project and Community Meetings, email blasts are effective
How will the Borough cover the costs, Bonds, Grants, Taxes, etc. realize they will be paying for whichever option is decided
Discussion of Rec Center with new building if on new site
Organizing the site will increase safety for residents using the facilities
Would like to see new building site at a walkable site.
Develop a Main Street,
Balance Community Meetings and moving ahead
Develop a Document for residents to review that skips the irrelevant and highlights the significant facts

Identified Borough Building Infrastructure Restorations
Air Handler Replacement
Replace Building Garage Doors & Openers
Replace Concrete Sidewalks
Replace Broken Glass
Replace Outside Lighting
Replace Chiller and Piping
Replace Building Standby Generator
ADA Compliance
Corroded plumbing
Need for additional space for all departments
Asbestos Mitigation
Replace Public Works Mandoors
Updates for Telecom, Internet, Communications